A wooden window was and still is an INVESTEMENT IN THE FUTURE – WHY?

  • Wooden windows have been proven to have the highest levels of thermal and acoustic insulation of all materials. What does this mean? With their good thermal qualities, wooden windows are almost exclusively used for low-energy buildings, “passive houses”.
  • Wooden windows, unlike all other materials, have the ability to diffuse vapour. What does this mean? Wooden windows “breathe”. Only wooden windows allow excessive amounts of moisture in a room to be eliminated by diffusion, and when the air is dry in a room, the wood lets in the required amount of moisture from the outside, again by diffusion.This is called a “healthy climate exchange”.
  • Nowadays, wooden windows are made of multi-layered bonded elements which increase their stability in terms of the distortion and cracking of the profiles,and they consequently achieve excellent mechanical properties.
  • The treatment of the wooden elements is the same as the treatment of furniture, and the use of high quality, environmentally friendly, water-based varnishes provides lifelong protection and ensures easy maintenance. Wooden windows, with their antistatic properties, largely repel dust, while other materials, plastic in particular, with their electrostatic properties, strongly attract dust from the air.
  • Once again you will be surrounded by a completely natural and non-harmful material in your home.
  • Wooden windows burn, but more slowly than other materials (self-extinguishing), producing only a small amount of harmful gases.
  • Purchasing a wooden window contributes to sustainable forestry , because wood is a renewable resource. The renewal and expansion of forests is a general trend of development and conservation of natural resources at the level of international organisations (Forest Stewardship Council – FSC, Germany).



A window is an architectural part of the building that provides comfort to a space. At the same time it protects the interior from external conditions. Throughout history, the function of windows hasremained relatively the same, although the size, shape and the methods of opening have changed over time. What are of particular importance are the materials used to make windows.

The primary, and still the most significant, material is wood, followed by plastic, aluminium, steel, etc. Perhaps the most important part of the window is the glass, which, throughout history, has changed the most. From the most simple forms of single glazing, nowadays multilayered thermally efficient units are available (which are filled with argon, krypton, or other gases) with bonded elements whose functions and features meet with users’ specific requirements.

Wooden windows

Wooden profile of three layered bonded elements with aluminium drip moulding on the frame and the casement.

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Windows in wood-aluminum construction made according to the standard of domestic technology and from domestic materials.

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Aluminium – Wood

A combination of wood elegance with the strength of aluminum, with high resistance and minimal maintenance…

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Windows constructed of wood-aluminium and of wood.

The latest technology ensures a high quality of joinery, which is achieved by controlling every stage of production. Finishing is performed in a controlled environment under specific conditions as required by our foreign partners and the manufacturers of the surface coatings.

During production, only environmental friendly water-based varnishes and paints are used, in accordance with the latest European standards.

In addition to holding all the mandatory accreditations and certificates, we also have the authorisation to use the CE mark on our products, which was obtained in cooperation with the Institute of Rosenheim in Germany.

A word from our owner


During 20 years of business, we have made over 20,000 windows and doors for both residential and commercial buildings in Serbia, Sweden, Austria, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, France, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia.Our manufacturing process currently represents the most advanced form of the use of natural materials, which fully supports the sustainable development and conservation of natural resources.It is in accordance with the highest standards applied in the construction industry. A special segment we pride ourselves on is the installation of windows with special energy properties in “passive houses”. Each of our products meets all the principles of EU energy efficiency legislation. By purchasing our products, a piece of the natural environment is brought into your space.

B.Sc. engineer Dragan Bojović