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Unidas doo, from Belgrade, produces windows constructed of wood-aluminium and of wood. 


The latest technology ensures a high quality of joinery, which is achieved by controlling every stage of production. Finishing is performed in a controlled environment under specific conditions as required by our foreign partners and the manufacturers of the surface coatings. During production, only environmental friendly water-based varnishes and paints are used, in accordance with the latest European standards


Our products are sold  both at home and abroad. Working on projects in Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia, we have demonstrated our ability to adapt our products to the standards required by international projects.


In addition to holding all the mandatory accreditations and certificates, we also have the authorisation to use the CE mark on our products, which was obtained in cooperation with the Institute of Rosenheim in Germany. 


Our employeesare trained to:

◦  provide full onsite technical support

◦  take onsite measurements 

◦  install the finished windows


A word from our owner 


During 20 years of business, we have made over 20,000 windows and doors for both residential and commercial buildings in Serbia, Sweden, Austria, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, France, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia.Our manufacturing process currently represents the most advanced form of the use of natural materials, which fully supports the sustainable development and conservation of natural resources.It is in accordance with the highest standards applied in the construction industry. A special segment we pride ourselves on is the installation of windows with special energy properties in "passive houses". Each of our products meets all the principles of EU energy efficiency legislation. By purchasing our products, a piece of the natural environment is brought into your space. 

 B.Sc. engineer Dragan Bojović



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