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- Fir window
- Coating – environmentally friendly water-based varnishes

- Traditional sliding sash windows normally consist of two sashes which glide up and down in vertical grooves. They are balanced either by weights on cords or by springs.

- The joinery is made of fir timber of the prescribed moisture and triply laminated, which increases its mechanical strength whilst simultaneously eliminating deformations (warping) along the length.
- The surface is superbly treated and varnished using environmentally friendly water-based varnishes. The varnishes are resistant to external influences and provide an ultraviolet barrier, which increases the durability and eliminates cracking due to exposure to sunlight and moisture.
- It can be traditionally divided with several glass panes within each sash or with no divisions.
- By replacing its existing windows, your home will regain its former shine.

Certificates:BSI(British Standards Institute) certified glass, 
FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified wood
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